The person, be it gentleman or lady,
who has not pleasure in a good novel,
must be intolerably stupid.
- Jane Austen

These are teaching me the craft of writing.
I highly recommend them.

I love to read. Here are some to discover yourself.

CS Lewis is my favorite author.
If I could have tea with anyone, it would be him.

Websites I Love

Anglotopia website -

Michelle Griep -

Amy Boucher Pye -


Cream tea -

Notable Repute

Handwritten letters are my favorite way to communicate.

Finished 2 walking marathons.

I floss every day-sometimes twice!

Bed bugs and mice freak me out.

Prefer bed and breakfasts to hotels.

English breakfast tea with cream and sugar is divine.

I used to be an Emergency Medical Technician. Actually drove the ambulance a few times. Those who know me well can’t see that ever happening. I am a very slow driver. Really. I am.

I witnessed a miracle in the healing of my sister from a brain aneurysm to full restoration.

Walked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Climbed the beehive in Acadia National Park.

Favorite flower is daisies.