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I desire to pass a legacy of wisdom, hope, passion and purpose to the next generations. My love of writing started in about 8th grade as I penned my cares in my first journal. I now have many journals that hold priceless memories. Those include dreams that have come true, some that have not. There are recordings of what I was thinking as my children grew inside me, and reflections throughout my daily interactions to name just a few.
England has a lot of history. I think I fell in love with that land across the pond the day Diana met her prince. Although the fairytale didn’t last, my love of England continued to grow. My dream of one day visiting that enchanting place came true. I continue to be enamored with the UK and blog about it on Mondays.
Thoughts on Thursday is another day I post. I invite you to grab a cup of tea and click through the pages of my site.

Thank you for stopping in.